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Emergency/School Closures

Weather and Closing Information

The primary method to notify all district employees, parents, and students of school closing/delaying is through our mass notification system in Blackboard. Notifications will be sent via text, email, and phone. The district communications office will also post a pop-up message on the homepage of our website for visitors accessing information here, as well as push a notice through FFC8 Facebook.

Staff and Families are encouraged to ensure that contact information is updated in the staff portal and parent portal.

Inclement Weather Procedures:   

The weather in Colorado can vary widely from day to day and through different parts of the Colorado Springs region. District administration constantly monitors weather reports and road conditions when weather is predicted that could impact school operations. This data, in conjunction with information from the City of Fountain, Fort Carson, the National Weather Service, and neighboring school districts, is used to determine whether to run on a normal schedule, delay school start times, or close school. Such communication will be distributed as early as possible to all audiences. Two-Hour Late Starts and/or District Closures will be announced through various methods including: television, social media, the District’s website, and the FFC8 mass notifications via email, text, phone. 

During a delayed start due to inclement weather, all school and bus schedules will be delayed by two hours for all schools. Morning preschool would be cancelled. During an inclement weather closure, teaching staff and students will not be expected to engage in remote or virtual learning.

The district respects that parents or guardians make final decisions concerning the safety of their child(ren). Therefore, if you believe that it is unsafe for your child(ren) to attend school due to weather or road conditions, please call the school to report that your child will be absent. The absence will be excused by the school and make-up procedures for missed schoolwork would be handled in the same manner as any other excused absence. Please consult your child(ren)’s school handbook located on the school website for more details on these procedures.

Weather Decisions for Fort Carson vs. FFC8:

Occasionally, Fort Carson and Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 will make different decisions with regards to weather and operations. If you have questions about whether or not CYS is open, more information can be found on the CYS Family and MWR website.

Emergency Closure Definitions and Procedures