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Identifying Skills and Strengths of Our Students

Identifying Skills and Strengths of Our Students


The District uses multiple forms of assessment throughout the year to determine the strengths and skills of our students.  A variety of assessments also provide a measure of how well the district is delivering instruction and meeting state standards. We want every student to take advantage of these opportunities throughout the year to demonstrate their abilities and learning, including the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS). Using multiple kinds of assessment opportunities also helps the district and families to:

Progress Monitor:

Assessments offer a snapshot of a student's academic progress. Families can use these results to understand their child's strengths and weaknesses in various subjects. The data from assessments guides decisions about additional support or enrichment needs with the school.


Identifying Learning Gaps:

Assessments can reveal learning gaps and areas where students may need additional support to tailor instruction.


Assess College and Career Readiness:

Many of the assessments used during the year help evaluate students' readiness for college and future careers. and provides insights into whether their child is on track to meet academic requirements for higher education and employment.


Educational Planning:

Assessment results can assist in educational planning. For example, if a student excels in a particular subject, the school and family can make informed decisions about advanced coursework or specialized programs.


Transparency and Communication:

Assessments contribute to transparency in education. By having standardized measures, comparisons can be made from a student’s individual performance to state and national averages, fostering open communication between schools and families.


NOTE: It’s important to recognize that state assessments are an important tool for schools and the district to evaluate overall student and school performance. Understanding the purpose, benefits, and limitations of each assessment given throughout the school year is critical for families to understand the overall achievement of their student(s).