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Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8’s (FFC8) culture encompasses everything it does.  As a result, FFC8 supports students as a community and values listening to each voice: students, staff and family members.  There are many opportunities to provide formal feedback through surveys.  In addition, informal feedback is both welcome and encouraged to continue working together in the best interest of all students.  FFC8 also provides opportunities for its community members to participate in committees and focus groups.   Below is a set of data that summarizes some of the community feedback.  

Please click here for a more detailed data reflection.

Attendance: One of the most important aspects of school culture and environment can be simply measured by active student attendance. When students attend school they are actively investing in the culture, climate, and learning opportunities available.

District Attendance Graphic
District Behavior Graphic

Behavior is communication:  How students behave at school and how the school responds, speaks to culture of the FFC8 community. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a comprehensive approach that uses discipline to teach, rather than punish, and as a result, helps students succeed and thrive in school.

The school uses this approach to promote positive student behavior while preventing negative behaviors. The PBIS approach is integrated into school policies, programs, and practices; and is applied schoolwide to create a safe, supportive learning environment for all students. The student behavior data presented reports incidences during the last semester by grade, gender, event type, and student ethnicity. 

Student Voice:  FFC8's ultimate goal is to prepare today's youth for tomorrow's responsibilities.  In order to do this, the school must listen to and provide opportunities for students to express how they feel about their school.   The charts below represent student responses to questions about safety, academics, culture, and connection.   This survey is administered twice a year.  The most recent results are displayed below.

Student Voice Graphic
Student Voice Graphic

Family Voice: We all come together as a community to support our students.  Displayed are results from some of the most recent questions that were asked of our families regarding respect, communication, wellbeing and technology access.   We are always interested in hearing from our families. Please talk to us about opportunities to serve on school committees and feedback sessions. 

Family Voice Graphic
Family Voice Graphic

Faculty and Staff Feedback: Our entire staff is committed to creating a safe, caring, and academically engaging environment.  Below are survey results from our teachers, specialized service providers, custodial staff, etc.  It is important that every member of our community has a voice, is supported, and has the best interest of every child at heart.  The charts below are just a sample of some of our staff responses. Please click here to review the results in their entirety. 

Faculty and Staff Feedback Graphic
Faculty and Staff Feedback Graphic