• STEM Engineering:

    This course introduces students to the engineering model.  Students work individually and in teams to design, build, test, and refine short-term projects.  The focus is on perseverance with problem solving, critical thinking, and learning basic materials properties. Open to any student any grade level.  A great place to start and see if engineering is right for you.


    Pre-Engineering takes the basic skills learned in the introductory class to a new level.  Students follow the engineering model to design, build, test, and refine a longer-term project.  3D diagrams are created with CAD software, math and science concepts are applied to data collected in preliminary models to improve future designs, and tool usage expands as students solder electrical circuits, use power tools to build with wood, and adapt computer coding.  The focus is to take the student interested in engineering and apply what is learned in math and science to the design process with the use of technology.  This is an advanced class with high expectations!



  • Science Olympiad:

    An intensive, highly prestigious, national competition for middle and high school students that allows students to specialize in one discipline of science.  During the course, the student becomes an expert in two different areas of science and/or engineering, works with a partner, and learns skills that will help them in future careers.  It is a very competitive class with 15 students being chosen per team to compete in the spring.