Join the Military


  • Enlistment is an option for high school graduates.  Contact a military recruiter to discuss a particular branch of the service. Recruiters from those various branches are on campus several times a year, or your counselor can arrange for a recruiter to meet with you during the school day. ASVAB testing will be offered at FFCHS once in the fall and once in the spring each year, as well as in various locations in the Pikes Peak region during the school year.  


    ROTC is an option if you are not interested in a service academy, but are interested in being an officer in the military. A student who applies for and receives a four year ROTC scholarship gets full tuition and fees paid at the college he/she selects provided ROTC is available. In addition, the military will provide for all books and supplies as well as a monthly stipend to apply to room and board. While in college, a student generally majors in the field of his or her choice. One to three days a week, the student will spend approximately an hour a day in military science courses or activities. At the end of four years, the student will receive a degree as well as a commission as an officer. He/she then serves four-five years of active duty. While enrolled in college, the student also spends part of a couple of summers at summer camp or military bases.

    United States Military Service Academies

    Military Academies are available for the young man or woman who is physically fit, has above average intelligence, is assertive, persistent, and has a desire to win; the young man or woman who would like to earn a college degree in a field of his/her choice, plus receive a commission as an officer in a branch of the service following graduation. The young man or woman who can maintain a rigid daily schedule, conform to strict discipline, and develop qualities and dedication to serve our country; the young man or woman who can withstand pressure; this type of individual might consider applying for admittance to a service academy or ROTC program.
    Six principle areas are evaluated to provide an overall rating of a potential academy appointee. This rating is combined with the Liaison Officer’s evaluation of the individual to form a rough numerical score and, subsequently, a ranking of the nominees. This ranking, plus more subjective criteria, is used in the selection process. The six areas are as follows:

    1.  Prior academic record
      1. High school class rank
      2. Percentage of graduating class entering a 4 year college
      3. Honors courses taken
      4. Advanced Placement courses taken
      5. Cumulative grade point average (GPA)
    2. Verbal/English standardized test scores (SAT 1 or ACT)
    3. Math standardized test scores (SAT I or ACT)
    4. Physical Aptitude evaluation
    5. Athletic activities- Varsity, junior varsity, letter earned, captain or co-captain, special awards
    6. Non-athletic activities-Participation in school offices, clubs organizations, honors, orchestra, band, chorus, drama, ROTC, Boy/Girl scouts, community service, job, etc.

    In selecting candidates, the military looks not only at academic and athletic ability, but also at demonstrated leadership, compatibility with others, and desire to serve. It is highly recommended that you attend the summer leadership academy at the military institution you are applying to during the summer of your junior year. See your counselor for any guidance you may need.

    United ​States Military Academy
    (West Point)
    Director of Admissions
    Building 606
    West Point, NY 10996
    (914) 938-4041

    United States Naval Academy
    Candidate Guidance Office
    U.S. Naval Academy
    117 Decatur Road
    Annapolis, MD 21402-5018
    (410) 293-4361

    ​​United States Merchant Marine Academy
    USMMA Admissions
    300 Steamboat Road
    Kings Point, NY 11024
    (800) 732-6267
    (516) 773-5391

    United States Air Force Academy
    Director of Admissions
    2304 Cadet Drive, Ste 200
    USAF Academy, CO 80840-5025
    (800) 443-9266
    (719) 333-2520

    United States Coast Guard Academy
    Director of Admissions
    15 Mohegan Avenue
    New London, CT 06320
    (800) 444-8500 ​