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  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

    WHAT ARE YOU INTERESTED IN?  Does Space Exploration spark some interest for you?  Or, would you rather create and build a model of a building out of popsicle sticks and candy?  S.T.E.M. Club may have just what you are looking for.  Join ONE or ALL FOUR of our S.T.E.M. Club Rotations this year.  Each rotation will focus on the different areas of S.T.E.M.  Here is a list of our rotations.  Read about some of the things we will be doing during that rotation! 

    1. Rotation One(Aug. 27-Oct. 15) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: The Edge of Space Experience.  Here students will send an item of his or her choosing high up into the Earth’s atmosphere (100,000 feet).  He or she will then compare that object to an identical object left here on Earth.  Results will be fascinating!  


    2. Rotation Two (Oct 29-Dec 17): ENGINEERING AND MATH PROBLEM SOLVING FOCUS: If designing and constructing models sends chills up your spine, then this is the rotation for you!  We will also incorporate real life problems to solve.  These problems will only be solved with the help Mathematics! 


    3. Rotation Three (Jan 14-March 4) TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATH FOCUS We will continue our exploration of solving real life problems during this rotation. 


    4. Rotation Four: (March 11 - April 22) SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATH FOCUS.  Build and launch a rocket funded by National Defense Industrial Association N.D.I.A. 


    Each rotation will provide opportunity for new members to join.  A NEW permission slip will be sent home for each rotation allowing for scientists and mathematicians to join us throughout the year.  Also, it will provide targeted activities for specific student interest. 

    Students in First and Second Grade will be joining us this year as recommended by their classroom teachers.  Third through Fifth Graders may join us as each permission slip is received.  If your permission slip is one of the first received as a Third through Fifth Grader, you will be in the club.  Once permission slips are handed out each rotation, return the slip in the basket by the computer lab's doors.  Each applicant will receive an acceptance or "try next time" letter.

  • For Rotation One, S.T.E.M. Club Members got to know one another by sharing time constructing a model of something they have in common.  For example, if both members like race cars, they would build a model of a car together.  Examples of these models are in the S.T.E.M. Case by room 208.

    Working Together

     The E.D.P.

    Working Together

    We are also studying the Solar System and will soon launch experiments 100,000 feet into the Earth's Atmosphere.  NDIA helps to fund this project for Mountainside.


    Studying the Earth's Atmosphere