Child Find Services

  • The district also has a Child Find process that assists in the assessment and determination of the special needs of children (birth through five years of age) residing within Fountain-Fort Carson School District boundaries. For more information on the Child Find process, please visit To access the program, students must meet eligibility requirements as determined through the preschool intake process. Limited spaces are available for 3-year-old children. Students must reside within Fountain Fort Carson School District 8. Out of district students will be referred to their home district. If upon review of this information, it is determined that a child does not meet the requirements for the Preschool program, we recommend that you contact:
              CPCD/Headstart: 719-635-1536 Visit the CPCD website.
              Child Care Connections: 719-638-2070
              Fort Carson's Child, Youth and School Services/CYS: 719-526-1101

Child with learning toy