Comprehensive Program Plan and Unified Improvement Plan

  • Comprehensive Program Plan

    The Comprehensive Program Plan (CPP) is a written description of the policies and procedures by which a school district identifies and programs for gifted student education.  Each district in Colorado develops a CPP to show their unique commitment to identifying and serving gifted students in a way that fits with the district's resources, data analysis, and priorities.  In Fountain-Fort Carson School District, families have the opportunity to provide input on the CPP through yearly surveys.  Based on the feedback of families, students, and staff, the CPP is updated to reflect changing district priorities.

    District Effectiveness Plan (Unified Improvement Plan)

    Every two years the District Effectiveness Plan (Unified Improvement Plan) is developed by Fountain-Fort Carson School District as part of a cycle of continuous improvement.  The District Effectiveness Plan identifies specific targets and strategies to improve student learning and system effectiveness.  The District Effectiveness Plan also aligns efforts and targets to improve gifted student achievement and growth.