• Lesson - Bullying 

    Purpose: Too many students wake up every day feeling afraid to go to school. Bullying, both physical and verbal, can get extreme during the middle school years. These activities will help give your students an understanding of bullying as well as coping skills to help protect themselves.

    Learning Target: 

    •  Identify and develop tolerance and appreciation for similarities and differences among classmates as a technique to diffuse bullying 
    •  Explore strategies to help promote a bully-free learning environment  

    Lesson - Cyberbullying

    Purpose: The digital revolution makes it possible for bullies to harass, threaten, embarrass, humiliate, and lie about people any time of the day or night from afar, using a computer, tablet, or cell phone. These activities will help empower your students to stand up against cyberbullies. 

    Learning Target

    •  Learn what cyberbullying is 
    •  Discover a problem-solving approach to dealing with cyberbullying

    Lesson - Conflict Resolution

    Purpose:Conflicts are a part of everyday life, so how we handle them is important. These activities will help your students understand conflicts and how to manage them, so that they can learn to solve problems without letting anger get the best of them. 

    Learning Target: 

    • Discover a problem-solving approach for handling anger

    Lesson - Getting Along

    Purpose: These activities will help your students understand the importance of building and nurturing healthy relationships with family, friends, teachers, and classmates

    Learning Target:  

    •  Explore which communication strategies are most effective during conflict 
    •  Generate creative resolutions for conflicts

    Lesson - Peer Pressure

    Purpose: Peer pressure is a normal part of growing up. As friends gain importance in adolescents’ lives, they also gain influence over behaviors in positive and negative ways. These activities will help your students learn to recognize and respond to positive and negative peer pressure.

    Learning Target: 

    •  Evaluate the effects of positive and negative peer influence 
    •  Share real-life experiences of peer pressure

    Lesson - Fitness

    Purpose: Helping your students get off the couch and develop a positive approach to fitness can contribute to their health and well-being for years to come! The following activities will help your students understand the value of fitness and explore various methods for pursuing an active lifestyle.

    Learning Target:  

    • Develop a plan for improving fitness 
    • Determine activities that address different components of physical fitness

    Lesson - Online Safety

    Purpose: Middle schoolers are increasingly independent, social, and online. It’s a recipe for fun, but it can lead to trouble. Students need to understand that impulsive behavior online can jeopardize their identities, reputations, and safety. And improper use of a computer can cause physical problems as well. These activities will encourage your students to think critically about online safety.

    Learning Target: 

    • Learn why it’s never safe to meet online “friends” in person 
    • Practice writing a persuasive argument

    Lesson - Chatting Safely Online

    Purpose: Games, social media, and other online spaces give kids opportunities to meet and chat with others outside the confines of their real-life communities. But how well do kids actually know the people they're meeting and interacting with? Help students consider whom they're talking to and the types of information they're sharing online.

    Learning Target: 

    • Understand that sharing online with someone you don't know in person can be risky, which is potentially harmful to one's emotional or physical well-being

    Lesson - Digital Drama

    Purpose: The web is full of questionable stuff, from rumors and inaccurate information to outright lies and so-called fake news. So how do we help students weed out the bad and find what's credible? Help students dig into why and how false information ends up online in the first place, and then practice evaluating the credibility of what they're finding online.

    Learning Target: 

    • Learn to engage safely online

    Lesson - Alcohol

    Purpose:  These activities will help your students understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. Learn about the effects of alcohol on the body Explore the consequences of drinking alcohol 

    Learning Target:

    • Learn about the effects of alcohol on the body Explore the consequences of drinking alcohol 

    Lesson - Smoking

    Purpose: Despite the fact that smoking is dangerous, thousands of youth ages 12 to 17 start smoking each day. The following activities will help your students understand why people begin smoking, what smoking does to the body, and how they can protect themselves from the effects of tobacco.

    Learning Target:  

    • Calculate and contextualize the monetary cost of smoking cigarettes

    Lesson - Drugs

    Purpose: Despite the fact that they’re illegal and dangerous, drugs are still accessible to kids and teens. These activities will help your students learn what drugs do to the body and mind, and enable them to counter peer pressure to take drugs. 

    Learning Target: 

    • Learn how illegal drugs hurt the body

    Lesson - Vaping

    Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to engage students in an introductory lesson about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes and vape pens. The skill of Accessing Valid and Reliable Information is central to this lesson as the students are first asked to reflect on youth risk data--as well as personal experiences--in order to establish relevance to the students’ own lives. In order to build further background knowledge about the issue, the students are then guided to research key characteristics of e-cigarettes and vaping that make them unhealthy choices. 

    Learning Target:  

    • Be able to identify the risk factors associated with Vaping