• Science is an intellectual, social, and cultural endeavor to explain the observable phenomenon of the universe around us. 

  • FFC8 Science Goals

    • Every student will be able to use appropriate scientific processes and principles in making personal decisions. 
    • To promote the skills and understanding necessary for individuals to engage intelligently in public disclosures and debate about matters of scientific and technological concern. 
    • Every student will experience the richness and excitement of observing and understanding the natural world. 
  • Colorado Academic Standards

    The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards were revised to reflect a new vision for science education that connects scientific knowledge, in authentic ways, to real-world problem solving and innovation. The standards forefront scientific practices that use and go beyond the inquiry process to arrive at reasoned and justifiable rationales for interpretations of real-world phenomena and events. The standards are framed around A Framework for K-12 Science Education

  • A student in science class

    Afterschool enrichment activities related to Science and STEM are available. Connect with your individual school to learn more. 

Colorado Academic Standards - Family and Community Guides