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  • World Languages

    The world we live in has changed tremendously and we can no longer look to just the borders of our own country for products, services and information. Language comprehension involves understanding the cultural context of the interaction. FFC8 World Language teachers create a learning experience for students to participate in the 5 C's of language learning: 

    • Communication: in many forms for varied audiences
    • Culture: understand products and practices from a lense of cultural perspective
    • Connections: math conversions, reading strategies, writing skills, history, geography, art, food science, etc. 
    • Comparisons: compare and contrast own language and culture to that of target language
    • Communities: use language outside of class, music stations, TV channels, DVDs, grocery stores, etc. 

Colorado Academic Standards - Family and Community Guides

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  • Foreign Language Classes

    FFC8 offers Spanish and German