Students learn valuable daily skills

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    Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 mathematics curriculum, based on the Colorado Academic Standards, challenges students while teaching them valuable skills needed for everyday life. 

    Curriculum used at schools include McGraw-Hill My Math and CollegeBoard SpringBoard. 

Colorado Academic Standards - Family and Community Guides

  • Family Toolkit

    The mathematics toolkit is a reference for parents and families about mathematics instruction in FFC8. 

    Teaching mathematics requires a classroom where students engage in rich mathematics and discover patterns and the why behind the mathematics. Students do the thinking. Why do we invert and multiply fractions instead of dividing? What strategy and tools are most helpful in solving this problem? 

    These resources will help you understand the balance of conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and applications within the mathematics standards expectations for your student. 

    The Family Toolkit includes:

    • Grade Level Overview - Parent Roadmaps, developed by The Council of Great City Schools, include activities specific to grade level learning, questions to ask the teacher, an understanding of how the standards build, tips for helping your child learn outside of school, and links for additional resources. 
    • Standards - A comprehensive overview of the Colorado Academic Standards, Common Core State Standards, and the Standards for Mathematics Practice. 
    • Theory and Research - A resource list to support the instructional practices taking place in the classroom. 
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    Many schools offer robust aftershool clubs and programs that extend learning beyond the mathematics classroom. Check with your school for more information.