• We are excited that you have chosen to participate in our Virtual Rising Freshman Night. Tonight's activities will be informative and fun. Although we cannot say hello to you in person we know that getting to know our school and all that it offers is important to you and your family. We created this virtual tour of our school so that you may have a slight indication of what a high school experience looks like in Trojan town.

    The content tonight will have multiple videos with clues that can be used in our scavenger hunt. When you find the clues, mark them down to complete the mystery word that will appear. Submit the word and you will be eligible for several prizes.

    After watching the videos if you have any questions please go to our teachers page and email the department and a teacher will get back to you. Have fun, enjoy, and see you soon.

  • Here are the educational departments at Fountain Fort Carson High School. As incoming freshman, there are a wide variety of classes available for your to maximize your learning experience. While you enjoy the videos remember to record the letters that you see and unscramble them to reveal the secret phrase. If you think you know the phrase then use the google link provided to complete the form. Good Luck and Let's go TROJANS!

    Helmet                 arch                    Graduation Ceremony      

FFCHS Department Video

  • Fountain Fort Carson High School has a variety of sports and activities for you to enjoys. Each one of these have the ability to greatly enhance your high school experience. Take a few minutes to enjoy these movies and look for contact information on our athletics page which is linked below.

    Golf Pic  Drill Team Running back bubble soccer