4-Year Planning Worksheet

  • four-year personal learning plan and graduation planning worksheet

    Your four-year personal learning plan and graduation planning worksheet will help you develop a plan of the courses you will take to earn the required credits for graduation. This will also help show you where you have room to take CTE courses and other electives.

  • Your Domination Plan

    There are specific tasks/activities that you should complete every year of high school. The Domination Plan outlines these activities so that you are better prepared to succeed in high school as well as in your future.

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  • Owning My Future Capstone guide

     As you work through high school, you will be developing short- and long-term goals. Ready for Life is a google slide show that will guide you through the processes that will help support you achieving your goals.


  • The goal of our schools is to provide an education that supports our students' postsecondary workforce readiness (PWR). The State of Colorado requires that all high school students have an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).  An ICAP is a student’s record of career research and post-secondary planning, including high school course selection, college and career investigation, record of extra-curricular and volunteer experience, standardized test preparation, and financial education. Students will engage in activities throughout the year to support their postsecondary workforce readiness goals.

Course Catalog

  • The course catalog shows the courses we offer at Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8. Be sure to look at the courses that offer college credit and certifications. This will help you get ahead in reaching your postsecondary goals.

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  • Career and Technical Education courses teach you skills used in business and industry today. Many of our CTE courses offer certifications that will help you land a salary jobs after you graduate high school. Explore the programs of study such as Cybersecurity, Aerospace Engineering, Teacher Cadet, Manufacturing, and more.

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