• Dear Parents and Caregivers,

    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.  I am excited to have your student in my 6th-grade language arts class this year. 


    2020 – 2021 STUDENT SUPPLY LIST

    ELA Classroom Supplies

    • 1 package of college-ruled loose-leaf paper

    Personal Supplies

    • Pencils and pens (no red pens please)
    • Headphones or Earbuds
    • 8GB USB flash drive


    Classroom Procedures and Policies

    Classroom procedures and routines are the meat and potatoes of my classroom management plan. Please see the following procedures and routines which will be implemented on day one of class. With the newness of COVID-19, these rules are especially important for the health and well-being of your student, his/her peers, teachers/staff, and you and yours at home.


    In order to foster excellent study skills, I will occasionally assign homework. Establishing a suitable time and place for homework will allow your student to establish a routine of studying each day.


    Procedures and Routines:

    Entering the classroom:

    • Students will enter the class, use the hand sanitizer provided at the door, and sit in their assigned seat
    • They will place their backpack underneath or to the side of their assigned seat
    • They will receive and immediately complete the bell work

    Transition to reading/lecture/note taking/activity/etc.:

    • I will announce to the class that we will transition to the next task: reading/lecture/note-taking/activity/etc.
    • Students will prepare and begin the assigned task

    Transition to group work:

    • I will announce to the class that we will transition to group work (students will work with their pod partners or teacher will announce partners)

    Using the hall pass:

    • Students will be able to use the restroom as long as they have a pass
    • No more than one student can leave the class at a time
    • Students will have no more than five minutes to return back to class (unless otherwise agreed upon)
    • When students return, they are expected to use the provided hand sanitizer near the door, be courteous and quiet as they return to their seat without interrupting the class

    Classroom rules and Social Contract:

    • On the first day of school, students will collaborate to create a social contract (an agreement of norms for the class to follow for the duration of this school year)
    • Classroom rules will be posted in the classroom for student reference and reflection as needed
    • We will discuss each rule during the first week of school
    • We will review classroom rules when necessary

    Turing in assignments:

    • All assignments will be submitted either electronically or handed in to the designated class assignment submission tray
    • Assignments are DUE on the DUE Date
    • It is the students’ responsibility to turn in all assignments on time and in the correct assigned place
    • I will not deduct points for all late assignments; however, there will be a few assignments that CANNOT be submitted late

     Missed assignments:

    • Students will have access to all assignments via the classroom platform (Schoology)
    • All assignments will remain posted for students to access and complete until the end of the quarter
    • I cannot accept ANY assignments past the quarter-end!!!
    • It is the students’ responsibility to access and complete their missing work and have it submitted in the allocated time when returning to school

    Leaving the classroom (class end):

    • All students will remain in their assigned seats until I have released the class (not the bell)
    • Students will not line up at the door to be released by the bell


    Classroom Discipline and Behavior Management

    There are 5 general rules and 3 specific rules that I expect each student to follow, as I have high expectations for all of us. Each class will develop a social contract that will consist of student derived expectations for the year.

    General Rules:

    • Be Prompt- Arrive to class on time every day and be in your seat working on the bell work activity when the bell rings
    • Be Prepared- Come prepared for class every day with all of the necessary materials (i.e. school supplies, worksheets, homework, etc.)
    • Be Productive- Remain on task in class at all times, follow directions, and stay seated unless you have been given permission to do otherwise
    • Be Patient- Quietly raise your hand if you have a question or comment and wait calmly for the teacher to respond
    • Be Polite- Respect yourself, your classmates, the classroom, and your teachers with your words and actions… do not vandalize, destroy, or steal. Please always respect your classroom environment. 

    Specific Rules:

    • No cell phones or other personal devices visible WITHOUT the teacher’s permission (if you have a phone, keep it put away - out of sight - unless approved to have out for the use of a scholastic task) 
      • Those who violate this rule will have their cell phones or other personal devices confiscated and will only be released from the front office to parents
      • IF parents are tasked to pick up their student’s devices, then these devices will no longer be welcome in class and will be confiscated at the door
    • No offensive/inappropriate language
    • No noisemakers or other devices of the like – unless approved


    General Consequences Matrix:     

    ***due to COVID-19, leaving the class for a STOP location will not happen***

    • 3 verbal warnings then a Think Sheet at a designated STOP location
    • Upon return to class, if the behavior (or different undesirable/distracting behaviors) persists then the student will be sent to Recovery or the front office
      • Parents/ caregivers will be informed each time their student is sent for a Think Sheet and/or Recovery/Office