Fountain-Fort Carson Virtual Academy (FFCVA)

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 has designed our online, virtual program to provide students with an alternative to the traditional learning environment. Fountain-Fort Carson Virtual Academy (FFCVA) is meant to be an independent and self-motivating “work from home” option for students. Secondary students have benefitted from the flexibility and personalized curriculum offered in our online options and we are now making this opportunity available to all students in the district. Enrollment in the FFCVA is a choice, and comes with an opportunity to make a change, achieve success, and accelerate learning. For some, FFCVA may be their only option.

    The standards-aligned virtual curriculum has proven to be challenging, yet beneficial for our learners. Our instructional model allows students to be independent learners with opportunities to build positive relationships with teachers and receive individualized support. Teachers will provide students with timely and descriptive feedback to help them improve their academic performance so they can be successful in the program.

    As with any educational institution, we want all students to be prepared for any postsecondary opportunity they wish to pursue. The FFCVA will help students learn critical academic and virtual skills they need to thrive in society. We also want our students to exit the program with the ability to work through future challenges. Please take the time to read the expectations outlined in our handbook. We want all students to understand what it takes to be successful in the FFCVA.

    We look forward to a positive year of growth and a commitment to learning!

Frequently Asked Questions about FFCVA

  • How do I determine if FFCVA is appropriate for my child?
    We believe that the vast majority of students are BEST served with in person learning at their D8 Home School / School of Residence.  In person learning maximizes student learning opportunities as well as providing rich opportunities for student to student interaction and feedback.  FFCVA has been designed as an instructional option for those families that prefer for their students to not engage with in person learning during the 2020-2021 school year.  If possible, families should consider in person learning first.

    Please review the FFCVA Parent Student Handbook for more information about the program.  Please talk with your child’s teachers, counselors, and principals to discuss the appropriateness of various learning options for the 20-21 school year.


    How do I register my student for FFCVA?
    Students must first register at their D8 Home School / School of Residence.  Once a student has been appropriately registered at their Home School, they then have the option to fill out the “Intent to Enroll in FFCVA” form.  After filling out the intent to enroll form, a member of your child’s D8 Home School will contact you to confirm enrollment and placement.  The deadline to apply to enroll in FFCVA is September 4th 2020.   Students enrolled in FFCVA will also stay enrolled in their D8 Home School.  FFCVA is an instructional option for the 2020-2021 school year that is provided through the student’s D8 Home School. 


    Is there a cap on enrollment?
    No, there is no cap on enrollment. The 2020-2021 FFCVA option is available to all D8 students (as instructionally appropriate).


    Can out of district students enroll in FFCVA?
    The FFCVA option is only available to students who have already registered at their D8 Home School / School of Residence.  Out of district students who have already been approved to attend D8 schools for in person learning are eligible to attend FFCVA.  The district will not be accepting new Out of District requests for students interested in virtual learning only..  FFCVA is an instructional option for students enrolled in individual District 8 schools. 


    What will FFCVA look like for students?
    Virtual learning is significantly different than in person or remote learning.  Please refer to this comparison document for more information about the differences between in person, remote and virtual learning. The FFCVA student and parent handbook also provides an overview of student expectations and experiences. 

    Students enrolled in FFCVA will engage in self-directed learning.  This means that they will work independently, at their own pace, on both core content as well as electives.   This type of learning is significantly different than what in person or remote learning looks like.   Lessons and learning opportunities are directed by the student through a virtual learning platform rather than having lessons and learning opportunities directly facilitated by a teacher. Sample lessons for Elementary, Middle and High School courses can be found here.

    Due to the self-directed nature of virtual learning, students will have limited online interactions with their teachers as well as other students. In person / remote learning is the best option for students and families that desire frequent interactions with both students and educators


    Who will supervise my child while they are working on FFCVA lessons?
    Parents and guardians will supervise their children based on individual student need as well as their students’ relative level of maturity.  Note:  Parents and guardians of elementary school age children MUST provide their children with significant daily support and supervision. The amount of support and supervision that a parent or guardian will need to provide is dependent on the relative maturity of the student.


    Will there be set hours or ability to complete online work when teachers are available?
    Please review the FFCVA student and parent handbook for more information about sample schedules and available hours.  FFCVA students are expected to work on academic content on a daily basis.  Teachers will schedule specific times to check in with students on their academic progress as well as individual / small group tutoring sessions.  


    Can parents change their mind and enroll into in-person learning (and vice a versa)?
    All students who enroll in FFCVA are making a minimum of a one semester commitment to virtual learning.  Please consult with your child's educational team to determine what option is the best for them.  The deadline to make a decision on enrolling in FFCVA is September 4th 2020.  Please contact your D8 Homes School’s administrative team if you determine that in-person learning is a better option for  your child after enrolling in FFCVA.   New applications for FFCVA will not be accepted after September 4th 2020 for previously registered students.  


    Are students who receive special services eligible for Virtual Academy?
    Yes. Students who receive special services are eligible to receive educational programming through the virtual academy.  Please check with your child’s educational team first to determine if it is appropriate.  The virtual academy is just one of many instructional options available for your child.  Many students who receive special services will be better served by direct instructional programming from their D8 Home School team whether that be through in person or remote learning or a combination of options.  


    If a student attends the Virtual Academy, will they be eligible to participate in Middle/High school sports?
    Yes. Students stay enrolled in their D8 Homeschool.  All regularly scheduled sports and extracurricular activities are available to students who also receive their instruction through the virtual academy.  Please contact your child’s D8 homeschool regarding participation in any extracurricular activities.  Note: the availability of sports and extracurricular activities during the 2020-2021 school year are dependent on district decisions regarding student health and safety. 

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Contact Information

  • For attendance, registration and questions, please contact your home school/school of residence. Phone numbers are listed on school websites.

    Abrams Elementary 
    (719) 382-1490

    Aragon Elementary
    (719) 382-1340

    Eagleside Elementary
    (719) 382-1520

    Jordahl Elementary
    (719) 382-1400

    Mesa Elementary
    (719) 382-1370

    Mountainside Elementary
    (719) 382-1430

    Patriot Elementary
    (719) 382-1460

    Weikel Elementary
    (719) 358-4320

    Carson Middle School
    (719) 382-1610

    Fountain Middle School
    (719) 382-1580

    Fountain-Fort Carson High School
    (719) 382-1640

    Welte Education Center
    (719) 382-1550