• At the heart of our school Strategic Plan is the recognition of the critical outcome of producing students who are ready for the rigorous demands of high school and have begun to explore the what the world has to offer post-high school. As such, we believe that FMS Trojans who have demonstrated high school readiness have met our expectations for middle school credit requirements, continually demonstrate proficiency of the high school readiness core competencies, and have aligned coursework to fit within their chosen Fountain Middle School Pathways.


    • Middle School Credits – The FMS middle school credit system is implemented for students upon entering 8th grade and is designed to mirror credit expectations students will face in their 9th grade year of high school. Students are encouraged to earn a full 1.0 Credit in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Electives by the time students begin 9th Fountain Middle School has three primary tracks for students to regain credits if they fail to earn them throughout the year. For more information, please see the Middle School Academic Credit FMS Student Copy attachment.


    • High School Readiness Core Competencies – Beginning 2020-2021, students at Fountain Middle School will begin demonstrating their high school readiness through the mastery of six core competencies students who continually succeed at high school embody. For more information, please see the FMS High School Core Competencies attachment. These core competencies are:

      • Students use interpersonal skills to learn and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds to find value in the perspective expressed by others.

      • Students articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

      • Students demonstrate an accurate and clear sense of goals, abilities, and needs, along with the ability to evaluate progress towards goals, and make necessary changes to stay the course.

      • Students interpret information and draw conclusions based upon information gathered to formulate a new idea or original thought.

      • Students make predictions and design information collection and analysis strategies to support a claim or assertion.

      • Students apply knowledge and skills to implement sophisticated, appropriate and workable solutions to address complex global problems.


    • Fountain Middle School Pathways – Pathways at Fountain Middle School are designed to guide student choice and progression through coursework and extracurricular activities within a chosen pathway. Students choose their own pathway based on interests and aptitudes, and are encouraged to engage in curricular course work that best aligns with their chosen pathway. Pathways at Fountain Middle School are aligned with pathways at Fountain-Fort Carson High School. For more information, please see the FMS Pathway Outline attachment.


    FMS Pathway Outline

    FMS High School Core Competencies Working Draft

    FMS Middle School Credits FMS Student Copy