FFC8 Remote Learning graphic with computer and books

Remote Learning in FFC8

  • Remote Learning in the 2020-2021 school year looks significantly different than it did last spring. Students and families working closely with teachers and principals will help ensure the best outcomes for any student's remote learning experience.

    While this page provides helpful information and resources to aid with Remote Learning, families should work closely with teachers and principals.


Tech Support During Remote Learning 2020-21

  • Tips for Remote Learning
    On all devices, but especially Chromebooks:

    • Restart your computer at least daily. If you run into issues, a restart is often the quickest fix.
    • Close all browser tabs that are not necessary; keep the number of open tabs to a bare minimum.
    • Especially when on a Zoom call, do not use multiple online tools at the same time (i.e., Schoology, Google Drive, Wonders, BrainPop, etc.).
    • Turn off student cameras to cut down on bandwidth during a Zoom call.
    • In your home, please avoid unnecessary use of the Internet (i.e., Netflix, gaming consoles/websites, streaming video, etc.) when possible.

    Instructions for connecting your school laptop to your home internet or district mobile hotspot.

    Elementary Students in Remote Learning
    Please first work with your teacher to resolve any issues. If additional support is needed, call our Help Desk directly at 719-382-1608 or email helpdesk@ffc8.org

    All students that live on Fort Carson can receive in-person support at Carson Middle School. Please contact the CMS phone number below to make an appointment.

    All middle school and high school students should first work with their teacher to resolve any issues with submitting/opening assignments before contacting tech support.
    For other technology support needs, students can:

    1. work with their teacher to resolve the issue.
    2. create a tech support ticket in GetHelp: https://ffcsd.gethelphss.com Login with your district Google account and follow the prompts.
    3. receive tech support via email at helpdesk@ffc8.org.
    4. seek in-person support at one of our schools (see below).

    Tech Support Contact Information
    If you need in-person support, please call the number listed below before coming to the school.

    • CMS - 719-358-4406, 7am-3:30pm (closed 11:30-12:15)
    • FMS - 719-358-4360, 7:30am-4pm (closed 12-12:45)
    • FFCHS - 719-382-1659, 7:15am-3:45pm (closed 12-12:45)
    • Welte - 719-358-4360, 7:30am-4pm (In-person support can be received at FMS.)

    Internet Connection & WiFi Issues at Home? Contact your Internet service provider.

Remote Learning Engagement

  • The goal of Remote Learning is to provide instruction to promote student learning; it is not expected that students are directly in front of a screen 7.5 hours each day.

    For both elementary and secondary students, teachers will provide standards-based learning activities in each content area and/or for each course. Teachers will plan instruction so that the amount of time spent doing class work will vary and is broken up by breaks, screen time, and time for work completion. Times and instructional variation are based on a multitude of factors including school, grade level and subject matter.

    Although teachers will be consistently communicating with students to support learning, it is a student’s responsibility to participate in their learning and to reach out for help when needed. All students are encouraged to contact their teacher if they are having trouble understanding content or participating online. Teachers will work with each student to develop achievable solutions. 

Connecting with Teachers

  • Teachers will clearly communicate the best way to stay in touch. They will be available for parent questions and to discuss any concerns. Teachers will also respond to parent questions within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

Schoology Information

  • Parent Information
    Assuming you have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account with a valid email address, you should have a Parent Schoology account. Here are instructions and information about gaining access to your Parent Schoology account, as well as information about the Schoology mobile app.

    Need help finding your elementary student's username and password?
    Login to your IC Parent Portal account, select MORE on the left menu, then STUDENT EMAIL. Select your student from the top right dropdown menu, you'll see the student's username (email address) and password. Here's a document that walks you through the process.

    Introduction to Schoology

    Parent View in Schoology
    This video highlights some features that are not currently in use for District 8, but it gives you a great overview of what parents are able to see and do in Schoology.

    Student Perspective
    This video shows many of the features that are available to students.