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    Don’t want to miss out on this year’s memories? Then, Buy a yearbook! They’re filled with the highlights of the year and great photos. \

    To buy online go to https://wpcgo.yearbookforever.com/mMPNw . Prices will increase over time so get ‘em while they’re cheap.



    Have great school pictures of your child?  The CMS Yearbook is looking for pictures to document the clubs, events, teams, and student life.  Anyone may submit photos to be used for the yearbook.  You may upload pictures from any device:

    • Download the Yearbook Snap App



    In the app/website, search for Carson Middle School and then enter the Access Code: carson

    Please be sure to add names, date, and description to the picture notes!



    This year long course is designed to develop students’ skills in project management by providing experiences in selected aspects of yearbook production.  Students learn basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include writing captions and headlines; digital photography; desktop publishing; marketing and sales; and using appropriate technology tools for media production.

    Students will be required to go “on location” to a few extra-curricular events outside our school day. 

    The school yearbook will be completed by March.



    As a responsible scholastic publication, The CMS yearbook plays a vital and indispensable service in student, school and community affairs.  It should be a dynamic force in informing, entertaining and inspiring readers while at the same time capturing the year.

    The CMS yearbook will attempt to inform and entertain its audience in a broad, fair and accurate manner on subjects that affect or have affected the readers during that particular year.  The yearbook seeks to include everyone and to cover events that are important to our diverse population.

    The CMS yearbook serves as an accurate history book.  The target audience is the student body and what impacted their lives during the course of the year.



    The CMS yearbook will be published yearly and distributed to students in early May at the annual yearbook signing day.  It will be printed by Walsworth Publishing and presold for $20.  The presale price will increase over time [$23$]on 3/1, $25 on 3/20].  The price on yearbook signing day will increase to $30 cash only since the yearbook staff is taking a financial risk in ordering additional books.



    Feel free to contact the CMS yearbook adviser Ms. Parker- cparker@ffc8.org 


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