Mrs. Rebecca Bates



Degrees and Certifications:

University of Northern Iowa: BA - Elementary Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities University of Northern Colorado: MA - Elementary Literacy

Mrs. Rebecca Bates

Years at FFCHS: 3

Subject Taught: World History

Extracurriculars: Sources of Strength

The Best Part of Being a Trojan: The best thing about being a Trojan in the sense of family. I live in the community and it is great to watch my neighbors grow in the classroom, on the sports fields, and on the stage. Whatever our students choose to do to explore their talents and passions, I get the privilege to cheer them on and enjoy their success.

Why Social Studies? Teaching Social Studies allows me to share my passion of the human experience by incorporating all subjects including Literacy, Geography, Civics, History, and even Math! Social Studies also allows me to engage students in simulations and utilize my artifacts to make learning about the past more than memorizing dates and facts.