2019 Parent Survey Results

  • FFC8 Parents/Guardians,

    The district concluded its annual parent survey on Friday, March 5, 2019 after collecting over 2000 responses districtwide. The District Accreditation and Accountability Committee (DAAC) appreciates everyone who took the time to answer these questions and provide feedback on district operations, direction, and implementation.

    The summary of each survey question and the responses are linked here. There are a few key areas we wanted to highlight, but we encourage you to read through all the data and results carefully. As you review these highlights and the data, please remember that the results only reflect perceptions of parents who completed the survey and are only a percentage of our total parent population.


    1. FFC8 has students and families transitioning into this district every year and throughout the year. Transitions coming in to the district, between grades, and between levels are all very important times where the district needs to connect with families and ensure everyone feels supported. According to the survey data, meeting teachers and orientation events are the most favored transition activities. However, approximately 12% of our families don’t feel supported in transitions, which is one place the district needs to continue to improve.
    2. Students feeling prepared for what they may face next is at the core of what the district does. Overwhelmingly, surveyed parents responded that they consistently feel the district does prepare students for their next grade level in each skill set: Academic, Social, Emotional, Executive Function, Health and Wellness and Technology/Computer. Secondary parents had some large “no” responses in a couple of these categories and the district will continue to focus on those areas of support for students.
    3. Bullying continues to be a topic of concern among parents. Approximately one-third of parents report that their child has experienced bullying. A majority responding said that the situations were actively addressed or resolved, but there is still work to be done here for the 30% of parents who said that it wasn’t resolved. Positive feedback and improvement in this area can be seen in that this year compared to last year, many more parents in both elementary and secondary levels said adults responded to bullying. On another positive note, the survey saw a big improvement (7% increase) in how many secondary parents said their child feels safe at school as compared to last year.
    4. Attendance has become more of a focus area for both the district and the DAAC as both entities recognize that students who are in school are more successful. An overwhelming majority of parents agree with this sentiment, yet approximately one-third of parents also responded that they felt it was ok for students to take a day or two off when not sick. The district and DAAC will continue to discuss how to honor both of these seemingly contradictory sets of values. We appreciate the 15% of parents who reported that there are circumstances at home that prevent children from attending regularly and the district is dedicated to supporting those families and student attendance.


    Overall, the district and DAAC know that there is always work to be done to improve and make this district and all of its schools a successful and positive place for students to learn. We want families to feel informed and connected and we appreciate everyone who took the time to provide feedback through the annual survey. As always, parents are also encouraged to reach out directly to school principals, anyone on the DAAC or district administration with concerns, comments or feedback throughout the year as well.

    Thank you,
    Gavin Sibayan
    Parent, 2018-2019 DAAC Chair