Events Supporting 21st Century Learning

  • Students are involved in 21st Century Learning all over the building!


    Fourth and Fifth Graders are learning how important it is to have a safe, positive on-line identity.  At home, conversations around keeping personal information private: name, address, birthday, pictures of oneself, etc. are strongly encouraged.  Students are experiencing the importance of typing academically appropriate pieces in any setting, including emails and texting.

    Second and Third Graders are practicing typing skills using a district approved platform.  It is strongly encouraged to allow children time to practice correctly to become better and more efficient typers.  As students are faced with challenging 21st Century job searches and interviews, typing accurately will be a leading factor in their success.

    First Graders are engaging in an inquiry based unit around states of matter.  Collaboration and cooperative learning will play a big role in their understanding of this physical science unit.

    Kindergarteners are working on the appropriate use of technology.  We are continuing our practice of accessing web-based academic sites appropriately.  In addition, children are learning HOW to use a mouse pad with two fingers for more accurate screen navigation.  This is reinforced when they can advance further in the on-line activities as their accuracy becomes more fine-tuned.

    As you can see, we are busy across the building with applying our thinking and making our learning purposeful.  Join us in the lab, or around the building, as 21st Century Learning occurs everywhere at Mountainside!