We are Capturing Kids Hearts at Abrams!

  • Abrams Elementary School is a Capturing Kids' Hearts school. We believe that in order for students to learn, we must first have strong relationships with them, or "capture their heart." At Abrams, you will see that we greet every child every day with a handshake, eye contact, and a kind word. Students soon learn how to greet others in a socially appropriate manner, and how to help other students feel comfortable.

    Teachers and students work together to develop Social Contracts, which outline how we are expected to treat one another. Your children may come home and talk about their Social Contract, or even tell their brothers or sisters to "check their hearts" and be kind to one another.

    As part of Capturing Kids' Hearts, we also give affirmations to students and teach them how to affirm one another as well. Students have opportunities to share good things and to learn about their classmates. Students learn to self-manage their behaviors and their learning.

    Learn more at the Capturing Kids' Hearts website.


    Capturing Kids Hearts