Hawk Eyes Volunteer Opportunity

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    Who are the Hawk Eyes?

    • Volunteer "Hawk Eyes" focus on the physical security of our schools and serve as multiple sets of eyes and ears for police and security officers on campus
    • Hawk Eyes increase the number of resources available on campus that focus solely on the external security of the school
    • Hawk Eyes will be visible supports external to the school, enhancing the security and hardening of school facilities and property
    • Hawk Eyes act quickly with exercised protocols to significantly speed up the process of school lockdown procedures and can provide time sensitive and critical information to first responders regarding the location and nature of hazards or threats external to the school
    • Hawk Eyes are respectful, courteous and positive with our children and staff - earning their confidence and partnership



    Interested in being a Hawk Eye?

    Download the FFC8-FPD Volunteer Application now! Applications should be turned in at the Fountain Police Department office.


    For more information, call (719) 382-8555 or (719) 390-5555.


    Always Watching. Always Ready.