Annual Report to the Public

  •  September 1, 2018


    Dear Fountain-Fort Carson Families,

    Each year, a report of our District and school accreditation information is made available to community stakeholders.  We are very proud that Fountain-Fort Carson School District Eight has been accredited as a Performance District for the sixth year in a row, a distinction achieved by only 40% of Colorado School Districts annually.  Detailed information for the District and each of our schools is available on the Colorado Department of Education Website.  Updated 2017 – 2018 data will be available as soon as the Colorado Department of Education releases the data on the State website. 

    Instructions on accessing District and school performance information are provided below.  If you are unable to access the internet or would prefer to receive a hard copy of this information, please contact me by phone at 719-382-1300 and a hard copy will be mailed to you or made available for pickup. 

    Accessing School/District Performance Information

    • Visit the SchoolView Data Center. School districts are listed on the right side of the page, in alphabetical order. Our information can be found under Fountain 8.
    • Click the arrow below the district name to display schools in a district. Tabs across the top of the page assist users in navigating through the different data sets.
      • The Performance tab contains State test (CMAS) results by grade, school, district and the state.
      • The Accountability tab contains School and District Performance Frameworks (SPF/DPF), federal data requirements (Title I Annual Measureable Objectives and Title III Annual Measureable Achievement Objectives).
      • The Staff tab contains the number of highly qualified teachers in a school or district, as well as teacher equity, which ensures that poor and minority students are not taught by inexperienced, unqualified, or out-of-field teachers at higher rates than their white or more affluent peers.


    Clinton Allison
    Executive Director of Elementary Student Achievement
    Fountain-Fort Carson District 8