CTE Work Based Learning

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL)

    Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is committed to collaborate with community and industry partners to provide students opportunities for work-based learning in real-world settings.  Colorado's labor market is evolving faster than ever. Students and job seekers are engaging in learning experience to help them develop advanced and adaptable skillsets that are necessary to compete in our complex global marketplace. While not a new concept, education is taking more deliberate measures in partnering with business and industry to best support student learning to prepare them for their career potential. 

    Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is part of the Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance (PPBEA). This alliance consists of 13 school districts and multiple charter schools in El Paso and Teller County, aligned to work together to develop more work-based learning opportunities for students. These opportunities include apprenticeships, internships, job shadows, site visits, career panels, classroom presentations, and more! It is proven that work based learning opportunities positively encourage students to graduate from high school, develop a growth mindset, and increase their lifetime earning potential. Win, win, win!

    Colorado's Work-Based Learning Continuum

  • Work-Based Learning Works!

    Did you know that 94% of students who participate in an internship graduate from high school? Experiences like internships and job shadows give students better perspective on the value of academics and its application to the ‘real world’. These connections allow students to develop insight about what they like and do not like within the careers they are exploring. This is GREAT information. This helps our youth develop preferences and perspective on what they want to do when they grow up.

    In addition, our schools have adopted YouScience as a tool to help students align their natural skills (aptitudes) with their interests to identify careers that match them. They are then encouraged to go to the PPBEA Marketplace to apply for opportunities for them to visit professionals and learn more about different careers.

    Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance

    The Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance (PPBEA) is a collaboration of the 13 school districts within our region. This collaboration is developing work-based learning opportunities for students to participate in, including apprenticeships, internships, job shadows, site visits, mentorships, and more! In addition to work-based learning experiences, the PPBEA also provides support in developing student resumés, professionalism training, and connections between our schools and community for these entities to work together in developing a formidable talent pipeline into the world of work.

    The PPBEA allows opportunities for students and classrooms to:

    • Access a variety of work-based learning experiences and resources to help meet Individual Career and Academic Program (ICAP) quality indicators
    • Learn about the world of work and learn through work by connecting with opportunities
    • Receive training, resumé enhancement, and course credit while participating in internships and youth apprenticeships
    • Access rich resources to learn about the current economic landscape in the Pikes Peak region

    The PPBEA opens the door for business and industry to:

    • Mold their future workforce by informing K-12 educational curriculum and improving alignment of learning outcomes to their occupational guidelines
    • Create relationships with a future, qualified workforce now moving through the K-12 system
    • Participate in the creation of an intentional, planned talent pipeline for difficult to fill occupations
    • Impact the economic future of the next generation

    EVERYONE is welcome to register with the PPBEA:

    • STUDENTS: take advantage of this resource to discover, start to define, and refine what you want to do after you graduate from high school.
    • PARENTS: take advantage of this resource to support your child in their development of future goals.
    • TEACHERS/STAFF: take advantage of this resource to develop work-based learning opportunities for your students, including site visits, interviews with professionals, classroom presentations, mentorships, and more!
    • BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: this could be parents and staff as well! Register with the PPBEA to help develop work-based learning opportunities. See how you could help develop the talent pipeline to inspire students to enter your industry!


    The table below shows the industries who, as of 2020, have the largest need for employees.

    Top Industries Needing Employees


    Professional skills are often referred to as soft skills, but they are more than that. These are the skills necessary in most, if not all, industries for an employee to be successful.  

    Professional Skills  


    Software skills are in high demand. Below lists the most sought-after skills to support employment in the 21st Century.  


    Technology/Software Skills in Demand


    There are certain skills that will make you more of an asset to a business than others. Which of the following skills can you add to your resumé?

    Specialized Skills in High Demand