• At Abrams Elementary School, we believe that ALL students are capable of learning and achieving at high levels.

    We care about and affirm one another. We believe in and do what’s best for kids.   Every child will make a minimum of a year’s growth in a year’s time.


    Our core belief is that all of our students are capable of learning at very high levels.    By building strong relationships in classrooms and across our school community, we are able to create learning opportunities for all of our students, whether they are at our school for the long term or only a short period of time.  

    Our goal is that every student will achieve a year’s growth in a year’s time.   For those students performing below grade level expectations, our goal is to close their learning gap.   Student instruction is guided by the Colorado State Standards as well as formative and summative assessment practices.  

    Abrams Elementary is a Title 1 school serving students on the Fort Carson Army Post.  We serve kindergarten through 5th grade students. Our staff is committed to fostering success of the whole child. 




    Our Staff

    The staff at Abrams Elementary School consists of classroom teachers in kindergarten through fifth grade, related arts teachers who teach the related arts of music, media, art and physical education as well as mindfulness, literacy and counseling. Teachers provide services for linguistically diverse students, special education needs, including speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Behavior and mental health resources are also provided by our school counselor, school psychologist, and Title I reading and math interventionists. Abrams is also fortunate to have the support of a School Behavioral Support therapist, provided through Evans Army Hospital and a Military Family Life Counselor. The school nurse provides full time physical health support to our families and our school.   

    The principal and assistant principal also work with teachers and support staff, including 4 food service personnel, our building manager and two custodians. Three administrative assistants also provide supports to teachers, staff, students and their families.  


    Interesting Facts

    • Abrams Elementary School was recognized in 2018 as an ESEA National Distinguished School for closing the achievement gap
    • Abrams Elementary School received the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award in 2019
    • Abrams Elementary School has been recognized as a Capturing Kids Hearts Showcase school since 2018
    • The 2018 Math Teacher of the year teaches at Abrams Elementary School
    • The assistant principal was recognized as the 2020 Assistant Principal of the Year for the State of Colorado
    • The principal was recognized as the 2021 National Distinguished Elementary Principal for the State of Colorado