• Please complete the following forms and submit them to the school to which you are applying for admission.

    Once you have completed these forms, submit to the school of choice for acceptance.  You must be accepted by the school before beginning registration.   
    If accepted, you may complete the registration process on or after June 6, 2022, by selecting the Student Registration link.

    New students living outside of the district
    Please use this request if you DO NOT live in FFC8 boundaries

    Outside of the zoned school
    Please use this form if you live within FFC8 boundaries but are requesting to go to
    a different school other than your assigned school.

    Per Board Policy JFBB, the District does not accept new OOD requests after October 1.

    Bus Registration
    Optional bus registration form

     New Kindergarten Enrollment

     Kindergarten Questionnaire
    If your student is going into Kindergarten, these forms must accompany the enrollment request.

    Please remember requests are prioritized on a first come/first served basis.  Please note that schools have a maximum number of students who can be accepted.

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