• Agendas: All fourth graders will have an agenda which will facilitate effective and timely communication between school and home. It will be the responsibility of your child to write down nightly assignments and notices about school events for you to know about. Any communication from me may also be seen here. I will try to check agendas each morning, so feel free to use this as a way to communicate with me. Please look at/or ask your child to see their agenda nightly.


    Home/School binders: Your child's daily work, homework, and agendas will be sent to and from school in their binders each night. The binder and all homework must be returned daily. All other work and notices need to be removed each night to assist students with being organized.


    Attendance: Good attendance (including as few tardies as possible) is important for students to be successful. Being on time gets students off to a good start for the day and being in school reduces the chances of students developing misunderstandings of concepts that build over multiple days and weeks. I know that sometimes and absence cannot be avoided, but when a student misses a day, they miss a lot of learning in the form of discussions and activities that are extremely difficult to make up. If you know that your child is going to be out ahead of time for any reason please let me know through their agenda or through email.


    Items from home: I believe that students are in school with one task, and that task is to learn and grow. I strongly suggest that students not bring items from home (ie. toys, cards, trinkets, etc.) This not only helps them to stay and remain focused in class, but also alleviates the possibility of something being lost, broken, or stolen. If students have something that is a distraction for them or others in the classroom that does not need to be at school it will be confiscated and given back at a later time. 


    Dismissal: Students who walk will be released out of the exterior door to the hallway at the back of the building. Students that are going to the pick-up lane or riding a bus will be walked and exit through the front doors of the school. If there are any changes in how your child needs to be dismissed please communicate that to me in their agenda or through email.


    Sign in/out: Please be sure that if your child is late to school that you are signing them in and signing them out if you are picking them up early. You can do this at the front office.


    Water bottles: Students are welcome to bring a small water bottle to keep on their desk as long as it does not interfere with the learning of them self or anyone else in the classroom. The bottle must have a lid and not leak. If it becomes a problem the bottle will be taken and given back at a later time. 


    Snack: Please send a HEALTHY and non-messy snack that can be eaten in 5-10 minutes and with fingers while working (cheese, crackers, granola bars, fruit, etc.) Please do not send snacks that need to be eaten with a fork or spoon. We will not be providing snack or allowing students to share snacks. Students will be eating their snack while doing work after coming back from related arts.


    Birthdays: We celebrate birthdays in our classroom! Students may bring in birthday treats that are easy to distribute (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) and store bought. We will take time at our afternoon recess or the last few minutes of our day to celebrate with your child. Please let me know in advance to expect treats so that I can give you our class count and add the event to our daily schedule.


    Star Student: Every week we will highlight a different student. Each child will have a turn for this throughout the year. The information will come home on the Friday before their week with information on what privileges they will have and what they can bring to display for their week.