• AVID parents encourage their student(s) to achieve academically, support school attendance, participate in site meetings and maintain contact with the AVID site team. 

    Ways to help you student(s) at home:

    Discuss Student Progress

    • Make a point to talk to your student about school. Avoid asking how was your day and instead try: "Tell me one thing that you learned today?", "How did you help somebody today?", "If I called your teacher tonight, what would he/she tell me about you?".
    • Check Infinite Campus on a regular basis and talk to your student about grades and performance.
    • Ask to see your student's resource binder.
    • Review tutorial request forms and see what kind of questions he/she is asking in class.
    • Talk to your student about his/her friends in AVID.
    • Be supportive of your student's goals.

    Encourage Good Study Habits

    • Provide a quiet time and place for your student to do his/her homework.
    • Show you care about what your student is studying by asking about topics in particular classes.
    • Praise your student when you review notes.
    • Allow your student to read to you and discuss the book or article.
    • Challenge your students to think deeper about the readings by asking inquiry questions.
    • Volunteer to help you student study for upcoming tests.