• Here are some tools to assist students with their Academic, Career and Emotional/Social (ACES) goals. 

    I use Brainwise as the umbrella of instruction for teaching emotional regulation as well as conflict resolution.  Brainwise is a program by Dr. Patricia Gorman Barry Ph.D.  I have a library of Brainwise documents, but I'll only attach the most basic ones.  If you see something you want more information on, please reach out to me!  All students have received Brainwise instruction and some students receive small group intervention on the same topics.

    You can e-mail me at alewislopez@ffc8.org or call me at (719)382-1405.


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  • Daily "Checking-In"

    Some of our students benefit from a daily check-in.  A grown-up that coaches them on their choices for the day.  Think of it as a fancy name for "pep talk".   If you are distance learning, home-schooling or whatever is working for you, consider doing a brief check-in before starting learning time.

    The students that we work with consistently become accustomed to the routine and will give the full report without even being asked the questions.  That's the goal!  They have habituated thinking about the day, their control over their choices that they make and setting a goal for their learning experience DAILY!  That is exciting stuff!!!  

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  • Emotional Regulation, Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution All-in-One(for parents)

    Brainwise is the program our school has chosen to teach emotional regulation, decision-making and conflict resolution to our students.  The good news is it works for parents, too!  Brainwise calls each of it's principles "Wise Ways."  I only teach Wise Ways 1-4 to our primary grades (kinder, first and second).  Upper grades (grades three, four and five) receive instruction on all 10 Wise Ways!

    This is a quick reference sheet that I came up with.  A "cheat sheet", if you will.  If you have questions or need more information, please call or e-mail!

    Check out the page that is dedicated to Brainwise.  It has the link to the Brainwise website!

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