• Welcome to Fourth Grade Science!

    What will I learn in Fourth Grade Science?

    Fourth Grade Science, as with all of the other elementary grade levels, is broken into 3 main categories: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science (Usually in this order). In general, we follow the Colorado State Standards which guides our instruction. You can find these standards here: 


    In a short, we follow the CO Science standards through our district approved science resources - mainly Interactive Science by Pearson Publishing Company. It will probably generally follow this plan: 

    Earth Science

    Chapter 6 - Earth and Space. Students will learn: 

    • What causes the seasons
    • How Earth moves
    • Why star patterns change
    • The phases of the moon
    • The components of our Solar System
    • Paths of objects in the sky

    Life Science

    Chapter 3 - Plants and Animals. Students will learn: 

    • How plants and animals are classified
    • How plants reproduce
    • How plants make food
    • How organisms use adaptations
    • The difference between inherited and learned characteristics
    • How animals respond to the environment

    Chapter 4 - How Living Things Interact with their Environment. Students will learn: 

    • The parts, functions, and types of an ecosystem
    • How living things get energy
    • The difference between and importance of food webs and food chains
    • How living things affect the environment
    • How fossils form and what we can learn from them