• We Love Scholastic Book Club

    Parents and students, I participate in Scholastic Reading Club. This means that periodically, there will be book order forms that come home. There are great deals, and a lot of options. Here are a few things to know about Scholastic Reading Club: 

    1) You can send money in, or order ONLINE. If you order online, you MUST enter my classroom code, which is 2JBDJ. The students will also have this code on a sticker in their planner. 

    2) Online is best if you want to use a credit card or debit card. 

    3) When you make orders, I get special points that allow me to get additional books for our classroom library. 

    4) If your child is having a difficult time getting motivated to read, they might have more "buy in" if they have their own books that they own. 

    5) Each month in the 4th Grade catalogue, there is always one book on the front cover that is on sale for ONE DOLLAR!

    6) The catalogues are NOT the be all, end all. There are thousands more books! Just go to the website, and do a search. https://chttps://clubs.scholastic.com/

    7) There are different catalogues for different readers: Of course there is the "Fourth Grade" level, but also, the "Lucky" catalogue is grades 2 - 3, and the "Arrow" catalogue is grades 5 - 7. 

    8) There aren't only chapter books...there are a lot of educational books and workbooks to help your child in school. 


    What Books Should My Child Be Reading, and How Much Reading Should They Be Doing?

    Your child will be doing a lot of informational text reading at school. Additionally, they should be reading a chapter book at their reading level. Your child has a specific reading level based on the Scantron Reading test they were given at the beginning of the school year. This level may change after the middle of the year, when they take that test again. Whatever book your child is reading, the expectation is that they have only ONE book to read at a time; they should read it at school, take it home daily and read for 20 - 30 minutes at night, and then bring it back to school again. If this is happening, your child should be finishing a book every 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the level and size. **Tip: Instead of just setting a timer, a good way to monitor how much your child is reading is to set a certain number of pages they are to read. This might be a chapter, or it could be that you take the entire number of the pages in the book, and divide it by 7, 14, or 21, so they have a set number of pages to read each day. Kiddos sometimes have a tendency to just watch the clock and let the time run out without doing a lot of reading!