• Colorado Teen Book Con

    Posted by John Lamb on 11/3/2018

    Students interested in reading and writing attended the 2018 Colorado Teen Book Con at Littleton High School. This all-day event allows students to meet over 20 authors and learn about the publishing industry.



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  • P.A.R.T.Y. at UC Health Memorial Hospital

    Posted by John Lamb on 3/19/2018

    P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) is a high interactive day where students follow the course of injury from occurrence, transportation, treatment, rehabilitation, and community integration.  We visited UC Health Memorial Hospital to interact with a team of health care professionals who showed the real-life impact of poor decisions.






     Aaron getting a ride on the gurney


     Flight for Life helicopter landing.


     A field sobriety test.

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  • State Capitol Field Trip with State Senator Owen Hill

    Posted by John Lamb on 3/15/2018

    State Senator Owen Hill of Colorado Springs invited Fountain-Fort Carson High School students to sit in on a legislative session in the state senate.  He explained the procedures and steps one must take as a representative to pass a bill.  One topic that the state is debating is whether certain video games that reward with money are games of chance or games of skill.  Games of chance are relegated to certain gaming zones, like Cripple Creek, while games of skill can be played in places like Dave and Buster's.  The question is whether these video games are gambling and should be regulated or not. Senator Hill brought in the game students are playing below to help the committee decide if this should be regulated like a game of chance.














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  • Denver Zoo Field Trip

    Posted by John Lamb on 3/8/2018

    Students took a tour at the Denver Zoo about sustainability at the zoo.  The following pictures were provided by Evan, a junior and exceptional tennis player.





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  • Merit-Based Scholarship Presentation

    Posted by John Lamb on 3/8/2018



    Mark Hess, an ambassador for the Boettcher Foundation and Boettcher Scholarship recipient, spoke to parents and students about merit-based scholarships.  He stressed five areas to focus on to make oneself competitive for a scholarship like Boettcher: academics, service, leadership, recommendations, and essays.  In regards to community service, he said that quality is better than quantity.  It is better for a student to follow a passion and address a community need.  Finding service projects that demonstrate leadership and initiative are often the way a student can distinguish himself or herself from the other applicants.


    For more information and tips on applying for these scholarships, please look at the Boettcher Foundation's resource packet.

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  • Field Trip to Denver Art Museum

    Posted by John Lamb on 3/1/2018

    The Denver Art Museum is hosting an exhibit on Edgar Degas, famous for his impressionist paintings of race horses and ballerinas.  Students received a guided tour and learned more about Degas' life and artistic philosophy.




    Degas 2


    Degas 3

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  • Field Trip to CU Boulder Philosophy Department

    Posted by John Lamb on 2/26/2018

    My Epistemology students and I visited the CU-Boulder campus to speak to graduate student Andrew Waldeck-Young from the philosophy department.  He lectured about the non-identity problem in ethics. It was a great lecture and very thought-provoking issue.  As one student said, "I really had to think today."  If students are interested in taking Epistemology, it's an elective that allows you the opportunity to really explore philosophy and psychology and ask those big questions about life.





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  • Field Trip to Charles Schwab

    Posted by John Lamb on 2/8/2018

    Charles Schwab is one of the largest brokerage firms in the United States.  The company had 10.155 million active client brokerage accounts, with $2.779 trillion in assets.  Students learned about the financial industry and participated in a mock interview.  The representatives from Charles Schwab also gave great advice on preparing for interviews.





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  • Field Trip to KOAA

    Posted by John Lamb on 2/6/2018

    KOAA News was gracious enough to give students interested in journalism and tv production a behind-the-scenes look at how the local news is put together.








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  • Field Trip to United Launch Alliance

    Posted by John Lamb on 1/30/2018

    Engineers Bryan and Holden gave FFCHS students a tour of the test shop of United Launch Alliance in Pueblo. These engineers test rocket parts to make sure they will stand up to the pressures of space travel.  On this particular day, we saw a live demonstration of an uncoupling device for a fueling tube being tested as well as learned about the education and background needed to become an aerospace engineer.  We also learned that the skin of avocado becomes pink when frozen in liquid nitrogen.  Bryan and Holden also suggest that students take a machine shop class when in college because these skills are useful in helping an engineer think about design.



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