Autism Puzzle Pieces
  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 (FFC8) recognizes the unique and challenging needs of children with Autism. Although there are many common features of children with Autism, there is great variability in the disorder. FFC8 is committed to providing educational programs that have a specific focus around the different learning techniques and environments that will benefit individual children. Although FFC8 houses intense educational programming for children with Autism, children with Autism are also serviced by Affective Needs Teachers, Significant Support Needs Teachers, Moderate Needs Teachers, and Classroom Teachers. Meeting the needs of children with Autism requires the district to consider a multitude of educational opportunities.


Autism Team Process

    1. Teacher or Student Focus Team alerts Administrator or School Psychologist about the need for a referral to the Autism Team.
    2. Administrator or School Psychologist completes referral paperwork and obtains signature on the parent permission form. Both documents are forwarded to the Autism Team Leader.
    3. The Autism Team Leader assigns two Autism Team Members to the case.
    4. Autism Team members complete the teacher interview with the classroom teacher.
    5. Autism Team members schedule a time to observe the student in his/her educational environment.
    6. The Autism Team members complete the observation form and provide recommendations for the teachers and/or parents.
    7. The Autism Team members may meet with the teachers and/or parents at the referring individual’s request.


Autism Team Responsibilities

    • Complete teacher interview form.
    • Observe student in educational environment.
    • Complete Observation Form.
    • Provide recommendations and resources as appropriate to referring individual and/or classroom teacher.
    • Consult with teacher, administration, parent, as needed.
    • Follow-up regarding initial recommendations as needed.


School Responsibilities

    • Complete Referral Form and Parent Permission Form.
    • Communicate as needed with Autism Team members to set observation times.
    • Implement recommendations from Autism Team as appropriate. 
    • Seek additional support from the Autism Team as needed.


Parent Responsibilities

    • Complete Permission Form and return to school administrator.
    • Communicate with teacher and/or Autism Team Member about concerns.
    • Implement interventions as appropriate.

Autism Team Purposes and Limitations

  • The Autism Team does:

    • Observe children demonstrating behaviors consistent with Autism and/or Asperger’s.
    • Provide recommendations to teachers and parents based on observed behaviors.
    • Consult with teachers, parents, or other school personnel on implementing individual interventions, creating materials for individual students, and/or developing goals and objectives.


    The Autism Team does not:

    • Provide a medical or educational diagnosis.
    • Determine placement decisions for the Autism Program.
    • Implement individual interventions, create materials for individual students, or provide goals and objectives for Individualized Education Plans.