• All-Star Cheerleading Special Needs Team 

    CS Premier – GEMS is celebrating our 7th Season of Competitive All-Star Cheerleading and we’re excited to offer

    our first ever Special Needs team this season!

    Team Name: “Pearls”

    We are excited to add this special gemstone to our other teams like Jade (Youth 1), Tanzanite (Junior 2), Sapphires

    (Senior 2), Topaz (Junior 3), Diamonds (Senior 3 Coed) and Onyx (Senior 5 Restricted).

    Why choose competitive cheerleading as the sport for your child with special needs?

    • Social interaction in a team oriented and positive environment
    • Build self-esteem, motivation, work ethic, and a sense of accomplishment
    • Practice cognitive skills with dance steps, motions, formations, tumbling and timing exercises
    • Fun, energetic workout
    • Your child will train just like the rest of the athletes in the program.

    Competitive cheerleading builds physical fitness, coordination, self-confidence, and discipline. We will provide

    well-qualified cheer staff dedicated to providing an enriching, rewarding and fun experience for your entire family!

    Your child will train in our facility at 1075 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80917.

    Our All-Star program is under the governing rules of the United States All Star Federation (USASF), which defines

    the special needs athlete as the following:

    Intellectual disability:

    1. A condition characterized by impairment of skills and overall intelligence in areas such as cognition,

    language, and motor and social abilities as identified by an agency or professional.

    2. A cognitive delay, as determined by standardized measures such as intelligent quotient testing or other

    measures that are generally accepted within the professional community.

    The “Pearls” will be open to children and young adults of ages 5 and up, boy or girl with any type of disability.

    There will be no costs involved with being a “Pearl” as fundraising and donations will cover all costs (issued

    practice wear, uniform and competition fees).

    Please see the attached flyer for more information.

    Please contact us with your questions at: