• Welcome to our classroom!


    At the end of every day as a class, we fill out our agendas. The agenda board is located behind my desk, and students are to copy that information into their agendas every afternoon. Please check agendas nightly and sign or initial each night. This is also a great place to leave me a note or message. I do sign agendas each morning, and I will respond immediately to any agenda notes.

    Student Progress

    If you have not already signed up to view your child’s progress through Infinite Campus (IC), please stop by the office at some point during the school day to get a password and instructions. This is an impressive on-line program that allows you to instantly see grades and missing assignments that I have entered into IC. Progress reports will be sent home halfway through each quarter for you to review and sign.

    Late Work

    I will only accept late work for full credit if your child was absent. I will give them plenty of time to complete make up work. Otherwise, I expect that all of the students turn in work on time. If work is late, they will only receive partial credit. If your child does not finish his or her homework, I will expect him/her to finish it at recess.

    Grading Scale and Redos

    The grading scale for fifth grade is as follows:

    90-100% = A

    80-89% = B

    70-79% = C

    60-69% = D

    59% or lower = U

    Anytime a student scores a 79% or lower, they may redo that grade for a higher grade (no tests or quizzes (with the exception of math tests)).


    We have a long stretch in the mornings before students are able to eat lunch. Students may bring in a healthy snack to eat during the day. Some ideas are cheese, crackers, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, granola bars… Please see the acceptable snack notice from the district.


    We are implementing a new math program this school year. McGraw Hill was closely evaluated and was approved by the district as a program that meets our students’ needs in mathematics. Please look for tear out pages from a consumable math book. That means kids can write directly into their math books! Being fluent in multiplication facts is very beneficial for success in math. Practicing facts at home is highly encouraged.


    At Jordahl, we utilize the reading series, Reading Streets. Within this program, students are receiving their reading curriculum as well as language arts and spelling.  The stories within the series are fun, yet challenging. Spelling pretests are given on Mondays, and the final test will be on Fridays (Thursday, if there is no school on a Friday). Spelling is included in the sentences that are sent home on Monday. We are still practicing the list words, but they are not responsible for list words on Friday, only the sentences. The idea is to give them a more individualized list of words that they struggle with personally. Students are expected to read 30 minutes every weeknight as part of their homework.


    We will continue to challenge your child with Step Up to Writing which is also implemented throughout the district. Students will be asked to write paragraphs as well as essays in the fifth grade. Look for your child to be writing complex sentences and using lots of figurative language.

    Please know that I am here for your child. There is no other profession that I would choose for myself. Each and every day, I give my best for your child. Feel free to contact me anytime at gyocum@ffc8.org or 382-1400. I will do my best to respond quickly.


    Mrs. Yocum