Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures


    Students may be dropped off in the morning no earlier than 7:10 am. Breakfast beings at 7:10, and school staff are on duty to supervise students at 7:10. If you arrive earlier with your children, please keep them with you until 7:10 am.

    Drop-off Location:

    Bus Riders: All buses will unload students in the morning to the designated bus zone at the back of the school building on Wetzel Ave. Students will proceed through the back playground gates to either the back playground, kindergarten playground or the cafeteria.

    Car Riders: Students arriving in cars will be dropped off in the lane directly in front of the school. Drop-off will only be allowed between the marked cones. All students will exit cars only from the passenger side. Students who are having breakfast may proceed directly to the cafeteria. All other students should proceed to either the kindergarten playground or the back playground, weather permitting.

    Parents should remain in vehicles and allow school staff to help students. Please be sure that your students are prepared to exit the vehicle. If you need to help your students, please park your vehicle in the parking lot directly behind the school and walk with your student to either the playground or the cafeteria.

    Cars will exit the Abrams parking lot by turning right or left onto Chiles Ave. We have a unit who assists with crossing guard duty as well as school staff who will guide traffic in exiting our parking lot. Please follow their directions. Please plan accordingly.

    Walkers: There are two locations provided for walkers to cross to Abrams: the corner of Wetzel Ave and Burris St, and across Chiles Ave at the signal light. Students and parents must wait for the crossing guard to signal that it is safe to cross the street at both locations. Students should not cross Chiles Ave, Burris St, or Wetzel Ave at any other locations.

    Pictures of Streets


    Dismissal Cards: All students will have a dismissal card at the end of the school day. Students must hand their card to the teacher on duty before they are released to either walk home, with a parent to be driven home, or before getting on the bus. These dismissal cards allow us to track where students are at the end of the day and ensure that they are safe. Please help us by reminding your child to hand their dismissal card to the teacher on duty.

    Pick Up Time:

    School is dismissed at 2:25 pm. Students will be escorted to their pick-up locations after the final bell rings.

    Pick-up Locations:

    Bus Riders: All bus riders will load buses at the back of the school on Wetzel Ave at the end of the day. When students are loading buses, parents who are picking up students will need to allow bus riders to have clear access to the buses.

    Car Riders: All 1st - 5th grade car riders will be picked up from the basketball court on the south side of the school. Kindergarten students will be picked up from the blacktop directly south of the kindergarten classrooms, where they line up in the morning. Teachers will escort the students to the basketball court and line up by grade level. Parents should use the gate off of Burris St between the basketball court and the kindergarten playground to access the school. Parents must acknowledge the teacher during pick-up, and students must hand their dismissal cards to the teacher on duty.

    Walkers: Students who are walkers will gather in the cafeteria at the end of the school day. Sibling and neighborhood groups of students will meet in the cafeteria and provide their card to the teacher on duty.

    **Please note that kindergarten students are not allowed to walk home unless supervised by an adult 18 years or older, as noted by Department of the Army Installation Policy for Supervision of Children, IMCR-ZA. A copy of this policy is available in the front office at Abrams.

    In order to change how a child is transported at the end of any school day, parents MUST call the office before 2 pm or send a note to the teacher. Abrams Elementary School personnel are unable to allow a child to deviate from their normal route home unless these procedures are followed.

    We appreciate your support and understanding that student safety is a top priority at Abrams Elementary School.