• Science

    For the next couple of weeks, students will be thinking like a scientist. We will be learning about science through the scientific method to learn more about controlling variables in a controlled experiment using pendulums. I have encouraged students to make observations and ask questions about the world around them. 

    Afterwards we will be learning about landforms and how erosion, deposition, and weathering change our earth.


    Reading and Writing

    For the first several weeks of school we will be learning the writing process, complete sentences (including simple, compound, and complex), how to write a paragraph, and adding figurative language. Reading will include stories from within Reading Street as well as chapter books, and project based learning.



    We are currently using McGraw Hill for math. We began the year with place value and will continue for the next few weeks including adding and subtracting; multiplication and division. 



    Students are given three sentences with one challenge sentence for a spelling "list." Students are expected to study only the words they missed on the pretest. Please remind them to study their missed words. I would expect that on Friday, they would have a 100% on the post test. This list is to fit students' individual needs because it is based on sight words as well as a themed spelling unit.