Visitor Sign-In Expectations

  • Visitors to FFC8 schools include volunteers, parents (including field trip chaperones), grandparents, retired teachers, community agencies, etc. Specifically, any individual who is not a district employee, School Board Member, or School Resource Officer is considered a visitor to the school.

    Because of concerns in the safety and efficacy of handwritten sign-in logs, and due to the improved technology available, the district has implemented an automated system to improve visitor management, called Raptor. As a digital safety solution, the Raptor system will change the way visitors at FFC8 schools sign in and out when visiting our campuses and it will help us keep better track of who is in our buildings at all times.

    There are five critical factors this automated system provides to improve visitor management and most importantly improve school safety and security:

    1. Automated ID Data Capture: Data is read from a government-issued identification card (driver license or military ID) through a scanner. To ensure privacy, only data necessary for screening will be scanned and a photo copy of the ID will not be kept.
    2. Instant and Automatic Screening: The system instantly checks names against national sex offender registries or other district monitored screenings such as custody issues.
    3. Appropriate Data is Visible on Visitor Badges: Once screened, the system creates onsite identification clearly indicating that the visitor has been officially authorized to visit including photo, name, date, time and authorized destination.
    4. “Smart” Alert Notification: If a visitor is matched with either the national sex offender registry or a local alert, the system provides instant notification via text and/or email to designated individuals.
    5. Web-based Access: The system can be accessed at any internet connection. This allows the visitor log to be accessed in emergency situations, such as an evacuation. Furthermore, archived visitor logs can automatically generate multiple reports for individual schools or across the district.


    Upon entering an FFC8 school, visitors will be asked to present a valid government-issued ID, which will be scanned into the system. This will require all visitors, including parents, to bring a driver’s license, or other government-issued identification, in to the front office when visiting. This scanning process is quick, easy, and user-friendly. There will continue to be staff in the office who will be able to assist you. It shouldn’t slow the check-in process down when visiting a school. It should also be noted that, for privacy purposes, a copy of your ID is not maintained in the scanner, nor is it kept by the school.

    Once the ID has been scanned and entry is approved, the system will create a unique badge that identifies the visitor, date, and purpose of the visit. Visitors will be required to wear this badge to be allowed entrance to the school and to proceed to their destination.

    A visitor’s badge will not be required for those who visit a school simply to drop off an item in the office, pick up paperwork or check in their student. However, if parents need to check students out during the school day, they will need to present a valid government-issued ID, which will be scanned into the system.

    The overall goal is to better control access to all Fountain-Fort Carson School District schools; thus providing enhanced protection for our students and staff.

    About Raptor:

    Raptor is a web-based software application that was developed with the purpose of aiding educational facilities in tracking their visitors. Raptor not only provides an effective, efficient method for tracking, but also goes beyond conventional applications by utilizing available public databases to help control school security. Raptor is capable of replacing most paper-based logs. Raptor allows schools and facilities to produce visitor badges and electronically check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases.