You will have a weekly reading blog to complete in Moodlerooms. Your blogs will be based on the week’s objectives that we cover in class, but you will respond based on the book that you are reading. For example, if we are covering character analysis in class, I will ask you about a character in your book, or if we are studying the different types of sentences, I may ask you to identify a complex sentence from your book and then write your own. The content will change each week, but the book that you are reading does not have to change. You should finish a book that you start. Your reading blog will not only strengthen your reading comprehension, it will allow for collaboration with your peers. 



    You are expected to write in complete sentences. Your answer must be thorough with plenty of explanation to support. You should write a minimum of five (5) sentences. You must respond to at least two (2) other students. Your responses must be thoughtful. Do not just simply write, “I like your comment.” You must write why!  You can also ask questions. I will respond by either clicking on one of the icons or by writing suggestions or positive comments. 


    Grading will vary based on completion, the blog rubric and the online discussion rubric.