• Weekly blogs are going to be required for this class. To complete a blog, please complete the following steps: 
    • Go to www.ffc8.org
    • Click on Red Tab for MoodleRooms
    • Log in using computer login/ password. 
             Example: username: firstname.mi.lastname@ffc8.org
                             password:   initialsdateofbirth (example: jd060702) 
    • Find the course page.
    • Click on the current week. 
    • Find the discussion post. 
    • Think about the question and be mindful that what you write is there for all to see. 
    • Consider the Acceptable Usage Policy and content discussed in class around how to respond to discussion questions. 
    • Write one original post and comment on one peers' post. 
    Have fun with this! Some discussions will be about content related to class, and some will be broad topics.