Welcome to the world of Statistics

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  • Introductory Statistics is a semester course covering statistic topics at an understandable level.  This introductory course assumes no prior knowledge of statistics but does assume some knowledge of high school algebra.  Basic statistical concepts and methods are presented in a manner that emphasizes understanding the principles of data collection and analysis rather than theory.  Topics covered will include, but not limited to organizing data, averages and variation, elementary probability, binomial probability distribution, normal distributions, and sampling distributions.  This is not a college class. This course will be for seniors with teacher recommendations into the course, but can also be used as a "double up" course with Algebra 2 for credit recovery during a student's senior year. This course should be scheduled in conjunction with Intermediate Algebra (fall only), MST (spring or fall), or PFL (spring or fall). This course will be offered in the fall and the spring.