• In the Winter of 2016, the Colorado State Board of Education and Colorado Commission on Higher Education adopted the following goal for high school graduates:


    "Colorado high school graduates demonstrate the knowledge and skills (competencies) needed to succeed in postsecondary settings and to advance in career pathways as lifelong learners and contributing citizens."


    Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 works to provide students successful pathways to follow to achieve their individual dreams. 

Graduation Guidelines

  • Each local school board has the authority to establish local high school graduation requirements that meet or exceed the Colorado Graduation Guidelines.


    In pursuit of its mission to ensure that all students reach their learning potential, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 Board of Education established graduation requirements that can be found in the Board policy.


    Starting with the class of 2021, students must complete the minimum number of semester credits in the academic areas outlined below to qualify for graduation.  In addition, students must demonstrate college and career readiness in English and math based on at least one measure approved by the Board of Education.  Graduation requirements shall be based on units of credit earned in grades 9-12 including four years and/or eight semesters of full-time attendance. Completion of requirements and goals as listed on a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may include modified content standards and adapted college and career readiness demonstrations.  A total of 24 credits earned during grades nine through twelve is required for graduation.

    Required credits/courses

    Credits     Area
    4              English
    3              Math
    3              Science
    3              Social Studies
    1.5           Physical Education (1 semester must be taken in the 9th grade year)
    0.5           Health (must be taken in the 9th grade year)
    4              Academic Electives (2 semesters/1 year World Language Required)
    4              General Electives
    1              Fine Arts
    Total: 24

    Academic electives include English, math, science, social studies, and world language classes taken in excess of the stated requirements.  General electives include all other elective courses other than academic electives.