• Microsoft Office 365 includes the following benefits for our (3rd - 12th grade) students:

    1. Free download of the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 compatible PC’s and Mac’s, plus 5 tablets. (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note) 

    2. Free unlimited cloud storage. Say goodbye to your USB drives and say hello to Microsoft’s OneDrive. Access your student One Drive through the Office 365 link at https://www.ffc8.org

    3. Email Communication:
      • Feature not available for students Preschool - 3rd Grade
      • 4th -5th Grades–-Student to Building Staff Communication Only
      • 6th -8th Grades–-Internal School Communication Only
        • (Middle school students can only email school staff and other students within their school community from any device, anywhere, anytime. Communication with individuals outside their school community is a disabled/restricted feature.)
      • 9th -12th Grades–-Full Email Privileges
      • Parents will have full account access to their child’s email (4th – 5th Grades) for the purposes of supervision and monitoring appropriate online behavior. (Please check your IC parent portal for account access information.)
      • Please understand that all teachers use various forms of communication to meet the needs of their students and parents. Reference each individual classroom instructor’s syllabus and/or classroom policy guides for accepted forms of communication.